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We know that it is so hard to find a plus size cloth especially when you are looking for a plus size Muslim Swim Wear.We also know that choosing a swim wear is very hard. It needs to be comfortable, but it cannot be either tight or bulky for a plus size cloth. Generally creating a plus size from normal size cloth ends up bad. But these are not applicable for Mayovera brand, so we can assure you that you are at the right place!

Our major objective is to raise Mayovera brand name to better places with your suggestions and critics about our modest fashion collections. We are in a deep desire to get your support on our journey to be the worldwide known Muslim sportswear fashion brand without making concessions on fabric and mold quality of our products.

We got the message of being the only brand which will end the regular cut, navy blue and black color monotony from our customers’ feedback. We thought that why would it be so hard to produce plus size Muslim Swim Wear with patterns, accessories and right designs. We can also make it very classy and comfortable.

We made it with style in a small collection for the beginning. Produced our Plus Size Half Closed Muslim Swim wears from fabric which has a composition with lycra. Then we have also produced fully closed plus size Muslim swim wear designs from fabric with both lycra and parachute composition.

If you think that scales, accessories and patterns are matched with our plus size swim wear collection, connect to our website and order. We will immediately deliver it to your home.

We would like to thank to all critics, feedbacks, comments and demands. They are valuable for us to improve our products to satisfy our customer needs perfectly. We put our best for this summer as our customers expected from us.

For the plus size, we have designed models whose sizes start at 44 and end at 50. We got famous plus size brands as an example and created special designs. Our main objective to provide high quality and high comfort for your body. We want you to become happy by choosing Mayovera.

We are delivering with change guarantee and getting returns with free money transfer from this website. The only thing that you need to be choosing the right swim wear for you.

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